Passenger Van Rental

While we strive to provide our clients with the most unique concept of luxury, we also cater to those who need additional space to go along with extravagance. That’s why we at Dynasty Luxury Rentals offer a variety of rental vans, including our popular 12 passenger van rentals, 15 passenger van rentals and minivans.

15 Passenger Van Rentals

When you and your group have only the best in your sights, take aim and rent a passenger van from us for your travels through Miami and the rest of Florida. Unlock your mobile and call us at 866-943-9627 today, or request a reservation online for a spacious van.

Spring Break: A Global Phenomenon

Each and every year, excitement abounds when March rolls around. Like clockwork, places like Miami and Fort Lauderdale stock up for the influx of travelers to hit the clubs and beaches. As one of the busiest times of the year, our vehicles are constantly in demand by college students and vacationers alike. But don’t fret; we’re sure to have the perfect 12 passenger van rental for you. From the most luxurious car rental, to the largest privately captained yacht, we give our clientele exactly what they want, and at a price that will help ease any financial woes that come along with traveling.

For groups looking to experience one of the most thrilling and largest parties in the world, anything smaller than a 15 passenger van rental is unlikely to get the job done. Imagine stuffing yourself and 14 of your friends into a smaller SUV or—gasp—a car. Painful, right? Instead of the constant abuse of a knee or elbow in the ribs, enjoy your own personal space with a passenger van. We even provide airport delivery at great locations like Miami Airport, so you can embrace comfort from the moment you exit the terminal.

Whether you want to enjoy the nonstop action that is Spring Break, or you would like a private yacht or mansion to rent for your stay in FL, let Dynasty get you what you deserve. Call our office at 866-943-9627 and ask about our rates, services and any specials that may apply to your passenger van rental. Along with our vehicle and villa rentals, we also provide our clients with VIP-quality limousine service to the areas of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and many other locations in the Sunshine State.